Nelson has been chosen by the Government to bid for up to £25 million to invest in the town. This money must be used to make lasting changes which will help to make Nelson a better and more prosperous place to live, to work, to study and to visit over the next 15-20 years.

The funding must mostly be spent on capital projects, in other words, land, buildings and equipment that will transform the town and help the economy to grow. It must also be focussed under the following key themes.

theme one
Urban regeneration, planning and land use.

For example redeveloping vacant sites and buildings for new uses (housing, employment, leisure, etc), improving the arts, culture and heritage offer – all seeking to increase the attractiveness of the town as a place to live, visit and invest in.

theme two
Skills & Enterprise.

for example, investment which will improve education and skills, as well as creating spaces, opportunities and support or a good environment in which businesses to develop, grow and create new jobs.

theme three

Such as improving local transport (e.g. roads, rail, bus) and sustainable travel (i.e. better cycling and walking opportunities), as well and enhancing digital connectivity (full fibre and 5G).


The Nelson Town Deal Board has been established to develop a plan for how the funding could be spent. The Board want to make sure that the plan is shaped and supported by local residents, businesses and other key stakeholders.

We would therefore be grateful if you would answer the following 6 questions in this initial stage of developing the Town Investment Plan. Further consultation will be held as the detail of the plan develops. Your responses will be considered by the Board and will help to shape and refine this stage in the development of the plan.

    1. What is your connection with Nelson? (please tick all that apply)

    2. Vision and objectives

    The Nelson Town Deal Board has developed a draft vision for Nelson, describing what we want the town to be:

    “A healthy, vibrant and confident town fulfilling its role as a dynamic key service centre serving the needs of its catchment through a wide range of quality services and aspirational educational and employment opportunities set within an attractive and safe environment; Nelson is a town proud of its historic community roots, inspiring landscapes and multi-cultural identity which has shaped a distinctive and compelling future premised on inclusive and sustainable growth.”

    Does this Vision capture the right future for Nelson?

    3. In response to the needs and opportunities within Nelson, the Town Deal Board have developed a long list of ideas about how the funding could be spent to improve the town and grow the economy. Which of these are most important to you? Please tick all that apply.

    Urban Regeneration, Planning and Land Use + Enterprise

    Arts, Culture and Heritage


    Transport Connectivity

    Digital Connectivity

    4. Considering your answers to the previous question, what is the one thing you would prioritise which would in your view most improve Nelson for future generations? (Please write you answer below)

    5. Please use the box below to provide any further comments or suggestions.

    6. About you

    Please tell us a little about yourself so we understand whether we have got responses from a good cross-section of the community.

    Are you:

    Please tell us how old you are:

    Which of the following best describes you:


    Mixed / Multiple ethnic groups

    Asian / Asian British

    Black / African / Caribbean / Black British

    Other Ethnic Group

    Prefer not to say


    Thank you for your time and input

    Further updates on the development of the plan will be provided on this website.