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Nelson Town Deal
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As part of the development of the Nelson Town Investment Plan, in October 2020 we asked for views on a draft vision for Nelson and a long list of project ideas for which funding of up to £25 million from the Towns Fund could be sought. As a reminder, the aim of the Towns Fund is to support the sustainable economic regeneration of towns like Nelson.

In total, we received over 400 responses to our online questionnaire, as well as feedback though targeted engagement work with businesses, young people and under-represented groups. Thank you to all contributors.

The results of this work has been fed back to the Town Deal Board (click here to see the report) and has helped to shape the ongoing development of the plan.

Here’s some feedback on what you told us and how it has been considered.

The Draft Vision

75% of respondents agreed with the draft vision for Nelson. 12.5% did not agree and 12.5% were not sure.

Feedback from those who did not agree/were not sure suggested some people felt that the vision was too generic and could be applicable to any town. Others felt it was difficult to understand and needed to be simpler.

The Board considered the feedback and the vision has been updated. The final, agreed vision for the plan is:

Our vision for Nelson

A healthy, vibrant and confident town fulfilling its role as a key centre on the M65 growth corridor; offering high quality services, aspirational education, diverse employment and housing opportunities; all set within safe and attractive spaces which inspire and energise our residents.

Nelson is a town proud of its social and industrial heritage, inspiring landscapes, and multi-cultural identity.

Together we will build a future everyone can aspire to, underpinned by inclusive and sustainable growth and community involvement.” 

The long list of project ideas

In response to the needs and opportunities within Nelson, the Town Deal Board had drawn together a long list of ideas about how the funding could be spent to improve the town and grow the economy. As part of the consultation, we asked which of these projects were most important to you. The results are shown below:


Community support was strongest against the need to bring empty and underused sites and buildings back into use in order to create new housing and employment opportunities. Improving the offer of the town centre, by creating more reasons to visit and spend time there, was the second most important; followed by improving the town’s parks and open spaces. Projects which improved skills and educational attainment were also important.

As a follow up to this question, we asked what one thing people felt should be prioritised to improve Nelson for future generations. In response, people often cited more than one thing! However, the most frequent responses centred around the town centre and the need to make improvements to it. Comments around the need to improve education and skills were perhaps the second most common.

The strength of community support to these project ideas was one of the factors taken into account when turning the long list of project ideas into a short list.

The project shortlist

The Board have agreed that a smaller number of strategic projects should be developed and included in our plan together with a request for funding from the Towns Fund. Thank you if you provided your views on these in December.

A brief summary of the projects is provided below.

The Pendle Youth Employment Service (YES) Hub
The YES Hub will support Pendle’s 16-24-year olds to overcome barriers to employment. It will provide a ‘one stop shop’ where young people can go to access a range of information, advice and guidance alongside a breadth of learning, training, health improvement and employment opportunities.

The Digital Skills Hub and Academy
The Digital Skills Hub and Academy will create a new skills facility within Nelson and Colne College’s main building and a smaller facility within the town centre. As well as creating new learning facilities, the project will provide high-quality creative workspace that inspires, supports and encourages enterprise in service and digital technology.

Healthy Town
The Healthy Town project will result in new leisure facilities for young people at Wavelength’s as well as improvements in Nelson’s three parks. The project will provide new reasons to visit the town and seeks to address poor health issues, including high levels of childhood obesity, by encouraging more active lifestyles which improve health and wellbeing.

Accessible Nelson
This project seeks to improve traffic flow, movement and parking around the town centre and improve the quality of the environment and public realm on key gateway routes into and around the town. This will improve people’s perceptions and experience as they enter the town, provide an enhanced setting for local businesses and some investment sites, and improve sustainable transport links in order to encourage more walking and cycling to destinations within the town.

This is Nelson
A 5-year arts and culture programme that actively engages Nelson’s communities in the town’s development to facilitate ownership, pride and a shared identity. This will be achieved through programmes of activity, events and the re-activation of places and spaces.

Revitalised Nelson
This project seeks to bring vacant and underused buildings and sites back into use e.g. for residential and commercial purposes.

Modernising Nelson’s Industrial Potential
Seeks to acquire and redevelop sites for new employment uses.

Business Resilience and Growth
This project will provide capital investment for business expansion projects including premises, plant and machinery to support the creation of sustainable jobs and improved productivity in the manufacturing sector, one of Nelson’s key sectors accounting for 30% of employment.

Please note, the initial project ideas which were not shortlisted e.g. improvements to housing, improving digital connectivity, etc, will not be lost from the plan and the Board will seek alternative sources of funding for them.